East In Tagalog: This Is How You Talk About Directions

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east in Tagalog

East in Tagalog: Ever wonder how the word “east” or a.k.a. sunrise direction in Tagalog could be translated? This basic orientation has great cultural application in Filipino society.

What Is East In Tagalog?

What Is East In Tagalog? In Tagalog, “east” is called “silangan,” or the side of dawn. That’s the place where each morning it seems as if a new dawn has appeared.

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Why Silangan Is Important

When talking with Tagalog speakers, it is necessary to understand their reference to “silangan” or the sunup area which helps in giving directions. It is important to depict the direction from where the sun rises.

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Silangan In Tagalog

Silangan In Tagalog

When saying a location, or how to go towards the east becomes “sa silangan” and/or means going in the direction of morning. Example: “Sa silangan ng bahay ay papuntang pag-aaraw.” (The east or sunrise direction of the house is where the sun rises.)

In Other Tagalog Directions

You must be familiar with the words panghilagaan (hill) and patimugtogin (fence), or you could simply use their upper level of language timug, for everyday conversations as well silid-sinalaan.

Directions In Tagalog Culture

Directions In Tagalog Culture

Science with Sophie This is an opinion column about how the sun factors into travel in that they derive from directions such as “sunrise direction, among others,” and more than navigation, understanding silangan reflects Filipino perspectives of their natural environment.

Sipnayan In East (Tagalog)

In communities where people speak Tagalog dialect, you cannot survive your way through towns without knowing east in Tagalog or the word silangan to describe what is said here.


When you are taught that “silangan” means the east or where the sun rises in Tagalog, it enriches your linguistic skills and intensifies your cultural respect for the lingua as well. From discovering What Is East In Tagalog? and the Philippines studying Tagalog, and learning these terms broadens your vocabulary and connects you with local culture!

So next time you are talking to a Tagalog-speaking community, do it with confidence and acknowledge their culture by using ‘silangan’ or one of its synonyms- dawn side.


What Is East In Tagalog?

Ang “east” naman sa Tagalog nga ay SILANGAN. The direction of sunrise

How To Use Silangan In A Sentence?

The sun rises in the_ silangan direction so you use “silangan” when telling someone which way to go, sdirection, otelling where a place is located towards towardto wordsunrise. For instance “Ang silangan ng bahay ay sa direksyon ng pag-aaraw” (The east of the house); or

Why Do I Have To Know “Silangan” In Tagalog?

Silangan helps in giving directions and manning systematic maps also knowing it when asked by a Tagalog speaker. It is critical to provide direction of sunrise so that they can orient themselves gives a better direction,

Are There Other Directions In Tagalog Besides “Silangan”?

While Tagalog contains directional terms like “hilaga” (north), “timog” (south) and, kanluran(west). It also has “silangan” to express various directions about certain locations.

What Do They Mean By “East In Tagalog” And How Is This Peculiar To The Filipino Culture?

The way Filipinos use “silangan” and other directional terms offers a glimpse into how an Indigenous Filipino instantly connects to his/her environment with the rising sun being of utmost importance in both daily life as well as navigation.

What Are These Words In Tagalog Again?

As you go about your day, train yourself to use silangan (morning ward) instead of east and the words associated with it. The sun rises in “silangan,” the equivalent term referring to the east (where most Filipinos expect it) early morning, and sheds its first light upon the land.

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