What is Kanekalon? Uniqueness of Kanekalon Among Synthetic Fibres

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What is Kanekalon

What is Kanekalon? Kanekalon was invented modacrylic by Kaneka in 1957. It makes high-quality braided and faux wigs. Kanekalon is delicate and hair-like. The unique Hot Water Set technology allows you to wear your hair in several ways. Because it doesn’t burn, this fibre is perfect for false and braided wigs. Learn more about What is Kanekalon.

What is Kanekalon?

Kanekalon is the hair that Kaneka debuted, showcasing the genius of Japanese technology. Kanekalon improved their Hot Water Set technique to make synthetic hair as silky and natural as it grew. This revolutionary innovation makes Kanekalon fit in varied forms, improving quality and flexibility. 

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Uniqueness of Kanekalon Among Synthetic Fibres

Kanekalon hair is unique among synthetic fibres, making it ideal for high-quality braided wigs.

Hot Water Set

In Kanekalon, employ the unique “Hot Water Set” technology. Hot water may set curls and seal tips, keeping hair flexible but not loose. This procedure works only with styling tools, not general heat styling equipment. This approach helps Kanekalon braided wig wearers experiment with alternative appearances.


Have you ever wondered why Kanekalon wigs are so soft? Because this material is light. Light and airy Kanekalon hair makes your wig easy to wear for long periods. Show off your style without weight.

Natural Look and Feel

Natural Look and Feel

Kanekalon hair is perfect for a real-hair haircut. Its softness and smoothness mimic the actual thing, making you seem natural. You get style without sacrificing authenticity.


Buying a Kanekalon wig is both fashionable and intelligent. Kanekalon hair is durable, so your wig will last. Taking care of your Kanekalon wig will keep it looking fantastic for years—it’s a great addition to your collection.


Kanekalon doesn’t burn readily and goes out on its own. It’s better since it doesn’t melt or dribble. The flame-retardant function lasts after washing.

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Different Ways to Care for Kanekalon Extensions 

Natural hair extensions look and feel the nicest. For a long time, only genuine artificial hair was available. Different extension hairs are superior in quality and price. Synthetic hair is more affordable and accessible to maintain than Kanekalon hair, but it doesn’t seem as natural. Without frequent hair washing, grime and styling products can build up, making extensions slide and seem lifeless. When washing, prioritise your head. Because kanekalon isn’t hair, you don’t need to wash it. Extensions will be clean when your head suds run through them. 

After washing your extensions, use a leave-in conditioner to remove knots. Gently comb curly or wavy hair using your fingers. Start detangling at the ends and move up to the head. Use braid spray to maintain braids. These sprays are for extensions; however, they may be used on Kanekalon hair for weaves and other styles. Spray water every two to three days to maintain hair smooth and moisturised without product buildup.


There is a significant difference between the processing of kanekalon and that of materials that are comparable to plastic. When touched, it has a texture that is comparable to that of hair. On the other hand, synthetics tend to be scratchy, yet it flows freely. Use satin pillows or objects before sleeping. Put your hair in a loose bun and cover it with a satin scarf or sleep hat to prevent your extensions from fraying when they brush against the covers. 

Limit your extension wear. How long you wear Kanekalon extensions depends on your style. Talk to your hairdresser about when to remove them to avoid hair loss and head damage. Individuals who are seeking artificial hair that is of high quality and has a realistic appearance can consider this product as their best option because of its durability and safety. You have just understood what is Kanekalon.


Where Is Kanekalon From?

Kanekalon is the most popular synthetic hair growth since it looks natural. This material is created by heating Vinyl Chloride and Acrylonitrile and moulding them into hair-like strands. Hairpieces and extensions are made from these strands.

How Is 100% Kanekalon Defined?

Kaneka introduced modacrylic fibre Kanekalon in 1957. It’s a friendly Japanese-made synthetic fibre. Kanekalon feels like genuine hair and is soft. Hot Water Set technology (*1) lets you style it differently. Fibre also prevents flames.

What Are Kanekalon Hair Benefits?

Thin and delicate, Kanekalon is skin- and fingertip-safe. It looks like genuine hair and braids quickly. Hot Water Set technology creates numerous hairstyles with hot water.

What Distinguishes Kanekalon From Synthetic?

According to Hair and Humour on Instagram, Kanekalon differs from other synthetic hair in several ways. It feels more plasticizer than cheaper synthetic hair, moves like real hair, and is less rigid.

What Happens To Kanekalon’s Burned Hair?

Hot rollers, curling irons, and blow dryers don’t damage Kanekalon hair fibres. Burning the ends to keep them together can also make box or knotless braids.




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