What Is Metered Mail? Why Should Businesses Use it?

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What is metered mail? Metered mail lets small and medium-sized businesses put postage on mail as proof of payment using a metre. Do you want to learn more about metered mail? Then, read this piece to find out everything you need to know about what is metered mail.

What is Metered Mail?

Metered mail is prepaid mail that has postage printed right on it by a postal metre. The postage meter is an electric machine the post office sets and controls. It puts the stamp amount and a unique number on the mail piece, which shows that you paid for it. Businesses and groups that send a lot of mail often use metered mail because it saves them time and money. 

Stamps might work for small amounts, but smart business owners are moving to timed mail to send more often and save time and money. A business can prepay for stamps based on the mail item’s size and weight. This is three cents less than the cost of first-class mail, which is $0.57 per ounce. now you understand what is metered mail, let’s explore more about why should business use metered mail.

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Why Should Businesses Use Metered Mail?

Why Should Businesses Use Metered Mail

Metered mailing options use cutting-edge digital technologies, which is another big benefit of using metered stamps. There are even types that work with the Android-running system. The answer is easy to use with a smartphone because it has simple functions and an easy-to-understand layout. You must understand how metered mail works and how much it costs. Next, let’s examine the main benefits for businesses.

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More Production and Efficiency

One great thing about using a postage meter is that it saves time when preparing your mail. With a meter, you don’t have to put stamps on each letter by hand. Just put your letter or envelope into the meter, and it will print the right postage and seal the envelope right away. When your business sends a lot of mail at once, this system can help you get much more done.

Branding and Image for Professionals

Branding and Image for Professionals

One benefit of metered mail that is often ignored is the opportunity it gives for marketing and branding. With a postage meter, you can change the information in your letters. You can put your business name, brand, website, or a short advertising message along with the postage.

Better Postage Expenditure Visibility and Control

A metre is also very helpful for businesses because it makes tracking and managing your mailing costs easier. Postage metres give you detailed information about how much postage you buy and how much you use. Making records based on a certain time period, department, user, or cost account is possible. This lets you monitor your spending closely, find any waste or fraud, and correctly bill clients for mail costs if necessary.

Postage and Filing are Easy to Do Online

Lastly, our current postage metres make it easy and flexible to handle your shipping needs. Most are online, so you can download money by mail and check your account anytime. To buy stamps, use your computer or phone anytime, not just during work hours. You can keep printing as long as the money on your meter is enough.

Common Metered Mail Challenges for Businesses

USPS metered mail has many great perks for business contacts. But, like any other method, using a postage meter to mail things could be better. When using a postage meter for business mailers, you may encounter the following issues or problems.

Adding Stamps to the Back of the Letter

It’s possible to accidentally put the stamps on the back of the letter instead of the front. If that happens, do not try to mail the wrong thing or put it on the front of the same envelope. Print out a new metered envelope instead and ask for a return.

Printing Parts of Metered Postage

If you look at your metered letters and see that only part of the postage is written, do not try to mail them. Instead, print a new metre stamp and ask for your money back.

Less Enough Postage

You could also add too much mail, just like someone else did. Sometimes, you might need to put more stamps on your mail. Then, you can make a new stamp to cover the difference in postage. For letters, you need to put the extra postage on the back. In the same way, you need to add a new metre strip on the front for flats and packages. But it would help if you ensured the new metre stamp has no date.

Wrong Date on Metre

Businesses put the wrong date on their metered stamps all the time. In that case, you need to make a new metre stamp with the right date and a value of $0. After that, you must print the postage correctly for the type of mailer you are sending.


in the above article, now you know what is metered mail. Small businesses that want to ease the stress of their mail contact use limited mail. This saves your business time and effort and ensures that the postage on your business boxes is correct. However, metered letters are sometimes the best choice, especially for medium to big companies. With metered sending, you can eliminate many time-consuming tasks that you used to have to do by hand. But it only partially automates the sending process for your business. So, this article gives you accurate knowledge of what is metered mail.


Why do People Use Prepaid Mail?

Small and medium-sized businesses can use metered mail to add postage as proof of payment, making the mail process much easier.

Is Mail With Metres Faster?

Large-volume senders can speed up the sending process with metered mail because it automatically prints postage and doesn’t require hand stamping. 

Why Does Prepaid Mail Cost Less?

A postage meter ensures that the amount of postage you pay is always correct. There is no need to guess because the postage meter uses Intelligent Mail indicator (IMI) technology to determine the price. 

How Long Does Mail With A Bill Last?

The date must be on a metre stamp. If the postage has a date from the past or future, the metre stamp is “stale.” You must change the meter date every day. You must also put the real date of the sending in the mail you send.

Can You Keep Track Of Metered Mail?

With Online Postage and a Postage Metre, you can track how much you spend on sending and shipping. With Mail as a Service, you can track how much you spend on mail.





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